Monday, December 13, 2010

Sky Burger Game for iPhone/iTouch

I've played games from NimbleBit before and loved them.  Sky Burger is a simple game to waste some time. 

Sky Burger is what I call a "stacking" game.  Many games out there in the app store use this simple premise with different object(s) to stack.  In this situation, ingredients to make a burger.  The game starts off by giving you an order that you have to create.  Such as (5) tomatoes, (10) pickles, (3) cheese, etc.  The game will start and ingredients fall from the sky.  After you complete the order, you can finish by topping it off with a bun.  At the end, you are given money for what you have created.  It doesn't seem that you're penalized for adding extras to the burger, just as long as you include the required amount of ingredients prior to you finishing the burger and topping it off with the top bun.  This game is rather fun, but after playing for awhile, gets kind of boring. 

Likes: Super simple and easy to play

Dislikes:  Redundant and gets boring after awhile.

Rating: starstar

Size4.4 MB

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