Monday, December 27, 2010

Paper Toss App for iPhone/iTouch

Paper Toss is another game to pass time away when you have nothing better to do.  Basically, the object is very simple.  See how many crumpled paper balls you can toss into the garbage pail.  The game tracks a count of how many you successfully tossed.  When you miss, that number resets and you start over again. 

The game has different levels consisting of Easy, Medium, and Hard in which you're tossing the paper in an office setting.  There are also other scenes such as the airport, basement, restroom, pub or a street.  The location of where the garbage pail is in the different scenes can be a challenge when combined with the wind speed of the fan.  Oh, that's another thing.  The fan.  There's a fan blowing with a speed number and arrow direction.  Using the wind speed and direction, you need to adjust how you "toss" the paper to land a basket.  Quite challending at times. 

Rating: 4/5

Likes: simple game to play; varied levels & scenes so it doesn't get boring.

Dislikes: maybe more scenes, other than that, nothing to dislike.

Download it at the iTunes store here.

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