Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook App for iPhone/iTouch

Here's my short review of the Facebook app for the iPhone/iTouch.  I've tested this app and compared it to the app that's made for the Android, and have found this version to be more polished and overall a better user experience. 
Everyone is one Facebook............everyone!  I just love how they integrated this app into what you see with the Desktop version.  Almost everything (except the game apps) is included in the app.  They even included "places" with the updated app.  Not sure why Facebook wanted to get into this when there are specific apps like Yelp and Foursquare which allow you to do the same thing and is more streamlined with what they do.  Overall, the Facebook app is really good.  There's not much that I can't do on this app when compared with my desktop.  They even included options to adjust your privacy settings within the app itself.  If you're still not on Facebook, I'd register and give it a try.  I've connected with many old friends and met new ones.  Not to mention how invaluable this app is if you are a business.  This app is a must for promoting your company and getting the word out about your products and services. 

Likes: Slick and usable user interface; ability to do almost the same things as the desktop verson

Dislikes:  None!

Rating: starstarstarstarstar : RECOMMENDED

CategorySocial Networking
Size4.0 MB
DeveloperFacebook, Inc.

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