Monday, December 27, 2010

Paper Toss App for iPhone/iTouch

Paper Toss is another game to pass time away when you have nothing better to do.  Basically, the object is very simple.  See how many crumpled paper balls you can toss into the garbage pail.  The game tracks a count of how many you successfully tossed.  When you miss, that number resets and you start over again. 
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Convertbot for iPhone/iTouch

Convertbot is a unit conversion utility that everyone should add to their app library.  This app (in my opininion) is easy to use and should be the only unit conversion app to have. 
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Monday, December 20, 2010

Facebook App for iPhone/iTouch

Here's my short review of the Facebook app for the iPhone/iTouch.  I've tested this app and compared it to the app that's made for the Android, and have found this version to be more polished and overall a better user experience. 
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Monday, December 13, 2010

Yelp App for iPhone/iTouch & Android

If you're not Yelping.......then what are you doing?!  Yelp is a travel app that allows you to look for places you are near and look at reviews to make your decision or whether you want to use that businesses services.  Yelp is available via the web, and translated to this app on Android and on the iOS.  With the mobile app, you can "check-in" to places.  It is similar to that of Foursquare in which you check in to places to say you were there, and if you eventually frequent that place many times, become either the Duke/Mayor of that location.  It's rather fun to check in to places!  Plus, if your friends are all on Yelp, you can see their check-in activity feed. 
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Sky Burger Game for iPhone/iTouch

I've played games from NimbleBit before and loved them.  Sky Burger is a simple game to waste some time. 

Sky Burger is what I call a "stacking" game.  Many games out there in the app store use this simple premise with different object(s) to stack.  In this situation, ingredients to make a burger.  The game starts off by giving you an order that you have to create.  Such as (5) tomatoes, (10) pickles, (3) cheese, etc.  The game will start and ingredients fall from the sky.  After you complete the order, you can finish by topping it off with a bun.  At the end, you are given money for what you have created.  It doesn't seem that you're penalized for adding extras to the burger, just as long as you include the required amount of ingredients prior to you finishing the burger and topping it off with the top bun.  This game is rather fun, but after playing for awhile, gets kind of boring. 

Likes: Super simple and easy to play

Dislikes:  Redundant and gets boring after awhile.

Rating: starstar

Size4.4 MB

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Monday, December 6, 2010

BustIt! App for iPhone/iTouch

BustIt! is a game for the iOS that's really fun.  I discovered this game when trying to find puzzle games.  I stumbled upon this and decided to give it a try. 
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Easy Relax for iPhone/iTouch

Sometimes people have a hard time trying to fall asleep.  There are those nights where I find it hard to just sleep and stop thinking about what needs to be done the next day.  I found Easy Relax in the iTunes store and gave it a try.  This is one of the best apps I have found.

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Monday, November 29, 2010

Echofon App for iPhone/iTouch

The Echofon Twitter App is the app that I use the most when tweeting.  Sure, there are other "flashy" Twitter apps out there, but I just love this one.  Been using it for quite some time, tried others, but always see myself moving back to this one.  Here's why.....

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Twitter App for iPhone/iTouch

THE official Twitter App for the iPhone/iTouch!  I downloaded it and got up and running in no time.  Read more for a brief overview of this app.
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